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Build Afghanistan Together

Our Work

Afghan Construction Company Umbrella (ACCU) is a privately owned Afghan company, established in 2007 The boards of directors collectively experience in the construction industry in Afghanistan. In our world, our clients deal with an enthusiastic design and construction management company, standing on the forefront of new technologies and concepts.

Our Mission

We pledge to perform our construction services to the highest possible level of quality achievable, yet never compromising on safety. We aim to provide competitive and fair market-related prices and exceeding client expectations. We want to form long-lasting term relationships with our clients, which are characterized by attention-to-detail precision, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Our Vision

our success story can be attributed to the unparalleled vision of our CEO, Obaidullah "Obaid" “My main idea behind the establishment of ACCU was to build a construction company that is compatible with Afghan Skills, as well as being as good as any international construction company. Our aim is to provide opportunities and develop capacities of Afghans comparable to today’s technology and work towards self sufficiency.”


The company has a sound structure and management system comprising of managerial, administrative, logistics and technical personnel and departments that ensure timely and prompt support to the projects and their timely, safe and quality implementation.
ACCU’s central team is composed of those who have previously worked with International Organizations monitoring, resource allocation, provision of resources and so on. Utilizing this capability, ACCU is able to execute multi projects at the same time.


ACCU Management Team

Our primary asset will always be our team. Each member forms an integral part of the bigger picture in achieving our goals and vision. The successful implementation of this philosophy is at the core of our success as market leaders.


We realize that every project represents a major investment in terms of both time and money to our clients. Based on our best team work with members including project managers, project engineers, safety and environmental engineers, estimators and superintendents, it is our company's objective to utilize our staffs' experience and creativity to improve our service and schedule for each project.

Safety Policy Statement

Our Safety Policy is designed to contribute to our business performance as commitment to continuous improvement in health and safety performance. We take all reasonably practicable steps to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees, clients and any other people who may be affected by its activities. We are committed to continually improving its health and safety performance in the delivery of its services.

Quality Control

We, the associates of Afghan Construction Companies Umbrella (ACCU), are committed to consistently working in a safe manner. Our company commitment, as well as our personal commitment, is to maintain a safe, injury-free work environment in compliance with all associated laws and regulations. To accomplish this goal, ACCU will commit the necessary engineering and technical resources, encourage development of safe work attitudes.

Afghan Construction Companies Umbrella

Where you can grow and succeed. There’s no question that our strength is our people. This is why we’re committed to creating career opportunities for each of our employees, to continuing our long history of trust and respect and to sharing the rewards of our success.
Principled Experts and Professionals

Let’s build our own foundation of doing the right thing the right way. At ACCU, our personnel make our company personal. We are disciplined and committed to success. Our passion, training and expertise make us like no other construction company.









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