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Specialization of Company

The company is specialized in:

       Construction Project's Design
       Construction of Various Sorts of Buildings
       Construction of Various Sorts of Re-locatable Buildings
       Installation/Executing of Different Systems (Electrical, Mechanical and So on)
       Installation and erection of Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs);
       Construction of Roads
       Implementing Concurrent Projects
       Subcontractor's Management
       Developing different sorts of required Schedules, Plans, Analysis and so
       Provision of Construction Equipment and Machinery
       Engineering Consultancy
       Capacity Building of its own personnel and other Construction Companies

ACCU So far has implemented 25 design-build and design adopt construction project of different sorts awarded to the company as a prime by USACE, Bagram Regional Contacting Office and Camp Phoenix. Similarly ACCU executed scores of design-build and non-design build construction projects of various sorts with non USG bodies such as Afghan Government, UNOPS and Private Sector. ACCU is committed to timely completion of the design and ensuring and maintaining the quality of design as well the timely, safe, quality and cost effective execution of construction work.

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