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About Us

ACCU offering highest quality services to its customers through provision of an excellent execution, standard quality, timely services, engagement of customers in planning and construction phases via frequent reporting and maintenance of social compliances. The ever increasing efforts towards attaining better and new business ventures have exposed the company to multitude of engineering disciplines. Now it is company's prerogative to be working in multidiscipline sector of construction including roads, buildings design and construction. In order to achieve the aforementioned aspects ACCU has set the following objectives to be achieved.
1. Provide standard quality services in the field of Building and Road construction and design projects.
2. Working toward achieving satisfaction of the clients through provision of quality services as per the agreed specification and plan to achieve consistent and long term relationship with clients.
3. Ensuring standards in its technical, human resource, financial and management approaches.
4. Minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations
5. Achieving consistent and longer-term financial growth and the best possible return to shareholders
6. Enhancement of Employment opportunities for Afghans and building their capacity in various professional fields exists in Afghanistan as well as western standards through expert mentors. ACCU is struggling to ensure the achievement of its set objectives and always work to keep the standards up and make sure that quality services are delivered.

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