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ACCU Working Strategy

Main activities for the implementation of the working strategy include:

  • Attract qualified and dedicated managerial and operational staff through the provision of professional and conducive working environment, fair rules and regulations and competitive benefit package.
  • Developing quality control manual and implementing it in its spirit and words.
  • Applying standard and quality work procedures.
  • Appropriate use of machinery and technology.
  • Payment of competitive wages to labours.
  • The use of quality material.
  • Developing effective internal and external monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Enhancing staff capacity through learning by doing and participation in training courses.
  • Announcing firm's assets in regular intervals.
  • Payment of taxes in timely manner.
  • Conducting external audit of the firm.
  • Developing information sharing and information disseminating system and its implementation.
  • Developing effective documentation and reporting system and complying with it strictly.

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