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Construction Phase

In the construction phase:

At the beginning work schedule is prepared in which there are sequential as well as parallel works. In accordance with the plan all the required materials and equipment are made available to the site for the construction activities. For the execution of the activities the required staff under the leadership of the Project Manager for Construction is made available on the site along with required number of skilled and unskilled labour. The performance of the Project Manager for Construction is monitored by the ACCU’s head and his main responsibility is to fulfill all the contractual obligations in their spirits and words under the subject project. In the light of this broad responsibility, the ACCU’s head is responsible for the establishment of management structure, systems, processes and procedures that can best ensure proper design, management and implementation of the project with the highest quality in the assigned time frame.

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He is also responsible for maintaining external contacts, relations and coordination with the stakeholders of the project particularly with Corps of Engineers and the project clients. The project manager for construction directly supervises the project superintendent and the performance of the on site project staff. Project Manager for construction and Project Superintendent ensure that all the responsible units and individuals are meeting their responsibilities in the best possible way through constant monitoring, and locate shortcomings and gaps, and identify their reasons. Project Superintendent and Project Manager analyse findings of the monitoring promptly and take quick corrective actions.

Moreover, it is the responsibility of field staff to report any issues of serious concern to the Project Manager to ensure timely resolution of the issue. In addition, the project manager will be reviewing progress on a daily basis and will be taking corrective actions if any shortcoming and slippage from schedule exists. Moreover, the Head of ACCU will be collecting daily updates on the status of the project from project manager and will be taking prompt corrective actions as required. ACCU’s head and the Project Manager also receive brief work progress and quality reports, and support services provided by Logistics and Admin Department (LAD) and Finance Department (FD) on a weekly basis, based on which future project decisions will be taken. ACCU’s head, Project Manager, and Project Superintendent also ensure that required working coordination exists among different units, and that the entire system gears all expertise and resources towards the single objective of the quality, timely and safe completion of the project, in accordance with the approved design.

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