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Career Path

Employment; Working with ACCU

On our teams, everyone counts. We depend on our people to collaborate with colleagues and client to think of innovative ways to achieve new solutions. Within the environment of ACCU, you will:

  • Work with clients to shape their visions, creating opportunities for significant, structural change in our environment.
  • Help drive your team’s creative dynamics to produce the best possible result.
  • Help generate great ideas and see them through to implementation.

What you do will be recognized and rewarded. You will stretch your capabilities as you build client solutions.

Together, we will determine the learning, mentioning, and experience you need take to your career goals within ACCU, as fast and as far as you want to go.

It is unlikely two people will follow identical career paths at ACCU. Individual initiative and Ability plays a major role in determine your career development. A technical construction background may lead to variety of assignments in field superintendence, project engineering, cost and scheduling control, estimating and purchasing. An accounting background will help you advance into position of greater responsibility in corporate financial management.

Whatever weakness you may have in our professional background, once you join ACCU, you can be assured of diverse training and experience, and of the opportunity to gain increasing responsibility.

ACCU is amongst the largest and most successful multi-disciplinary Companies in the Afghanistan. We plan, we design, we build and we manage. In all our activities, we see ourselves as provider of creative. Innovative and reliable services.

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