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President Message

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great pleasure to thank all valuable clients and stakeholders for constantly supporting Afghan Construction Companies Umbrella (ACCU). It is an honor to mention that ACCU gained a significant trust and confidence being a fast track company within the Afghan construction and infrastructure development sector.
ACCU established in early 2007 with a high spirit to serve Afghanistan and take part in rebuilding the war ravaged country. We are proud for having well discipline experienced staff, which has proven outstandingly in Survey, Design and construction of Roads, Bridges & Buildings. Building on the success, ACCU has gained market leadership in terms of standardized quality work, best customer service, competent working team. We have tried our best to expand and reach to the far-most destructed areas, which is contributing in the social-economic growth of the nation and offering affordable price.
Our company is aimed at providing world-class construction services. We are contributing in strengthening the Afghanistan employment market alongside the Islamic Government of Afghanistan and its international counterparts. We believe comprehensive re-construction of infrastructure will ensure the bright future for generations to come. Thus, Our Company work hard to utilize and execute most innovative and up to date construction methods, order to supply the recent construction services. We are always looking for better methods of construction and better solutions to complicated construction problems. With ACCU as your general contractor, you will find us bringing a spirited exuberance to your projects.
You will see us involved in every stage of planning and construction. In addition, you will be satisfied from our experience and expertise in various fields of construction. We are serving you with our up-front, transparent, accountable and with best quality efforts. We are looking forward to your support for Afghan Construction Companies Umbrella (ACCU) and hope to work together.

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